Wednesday, June 27, 2007

good thing I'm taking that this year...

This afternoon my co-worker turned to me and said, "I'm not trained to use the Snoozlen room". To which I just looked at him... wondering where in the world he was going with that.
He didn't answer right away, so I turned back to the computer where I was trying to find our now missing attendance records... (how did they erase that???).
"For tomorrow... I'm not trained for the snoozlen room to take Harvey."

I'm still confused... and just watching him isn't getting me anywhere... "did you want me to sign you up for training?"

"no.. for tomorrow.. I'm not trained to take him"

I'm still lost, so I bite... "what are you talking about?"

"Well, I'm covering your shift for you tomorrow, and Harvey's signed up to go to the snoozlen room.. what should I do?"

I'm still confused. I didn't ask to take tomorrow off.. did I? Why would I take a random Thursday off? Why is he now insisting that I asked him to work for me? I mutter a bit... I've taken to muttering since no one listens to me anyway. I ask him when I asked to take it off... why I asked him.. and still coming up with a blank... BUT all the shifts are covered.. I could have a day off....

Then I look a second time at the calendar- there's a workshop... I'd wanted to take it, if my shift was covered, but I hadn't done more than mention it in passing to another staff, in fact, I was the one who signed people up for it, I hadn't signed myself up because I'd never bothered to find a replacement. Second staff comes in, I tell her what's happened, remind her that she's signed up for the course... she tells me "Oh, I decided not to go" (side note:: was she going to tell me this before tomorrow's course?) I make a quick call, tell the organizers that I'm going in her place... and Bing, bang, boom... I'm in.

Did I mention it's a seminar on Alzheimer's?

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