Friday, June 22, 2007

more for Alanis.

Just after christmas, a new kid started in the bean (on a co-op placement/free labour!) ... I don't like change, but the bean is my downtown home, so I decided to treat him like family and friendly-like, right from the start.... That's the only way to do it really.
Owner-Dave said he'd been impressed by the guy, that he seemed outgoing and right for the job... but after a week, meh, I think it was obvious to all that the guy wasn't so much a people person as he'd put himself out to be.
(note:: dream job after my own ranch... my own coffee shop)
I've spent the past few months prodding him just to get a hello... and had given him up last week as a lost cause.
Tuesday I went into the bean and was pouring my coffee... there wasn't anyone else in the shop.
I hear "Hey Lindsay!"
I look up, realise he's actually SPEAKING... to me, and forgive the fact that it's the wrong name... he then starts to jabber about the weather. I ask him what the count down is until he's done his Co-Op.... "Today's my last day"

lol. I guess it's safe to talk to people on your last day.

RE: the gift/ prize I won the other night....
yes, I did receive my gift, even though I chased the guy out of the house before he was done his presentation... I got a photocopied paper that tells me I'm entitled to a free round trip ticket to Hawaii, I have to go for 2 weeks though, and I have to pay for everything once I get there.
pretty nice of them eh? It's worth $1500... so that's cool.
Anyone want it?
oh, but it's also good for a 2 night stay in some high end hotel, I'm going to look into that... I don't mind sitting through an info session if that pans out... I'm ALL over hotels!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I looked into your "prize" on their website...if I'm reading the fine print correctly it looks like you can:
1 - opt for the free flight to Hawaii (but are required to pay to stay in one of their hotels and have to pay everything)

2 - you can opt for the free hotel stay (but are required to pay to fly on one of their airlines to get to one of these hotels)

Maybe there is MORE fine print I missed which actually makes this a real prize and not a booby prize??

Crilly said...