Thursday, June 21, 2007

fat cat.

Did I mention the pot luck I went to awhile back? It was with a fantastic group of people, many of them just down on their luck, struggling, self medicating... but.. people. I loved it. It took place in this ramshackle old place, falling apart, smelly... probably should be torn down or condemned... if the health unit knew food was happening here... I can't even imagine!
At once point a scrawny cat wandered into the room... and my first instinct was "this poor little cat! so malnourished! so dirty... so needy!!!" I wanted to scoop it up and take it home with me. Then I started looking around the room and it hit me that I had more compassion for the cat than I did for some of the people who were in the room with me... It really made me check my heart. Right then and there.

Last night we had a strawberry social. It was great! fresh local berries, a great chance to meet some new people... The evening was drawing to a close, I'd seen my little cat try to sneak into the room again, and I'd seen a few others pacing outside the door... too smart to come in. Out of the corner of my eye I watched this nice fat cat slowly walk into the room.. unhurried, just wander over to behind some tables... since we were getting ready to head out I didn't draw any attention to it or try to kick it out. I started to watch it a little closer as it passed under a table nearby... this was my train of thought..... it's the most beautiful shadeofsilveranditsjustfloatingandlookatit'stail-hey-wait-a-second!
"guys... there's a raccoon in here"

Mama Coon and her three little babies are living behind the bar in the storage area in the dining hall.

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