Thursday, June 14, 2007


oh pride.

This evening marked the second ever "house ladies" dinner party. (House ladies being those lovely young women who attend the CAC House groups, grades 8-9) (though... if you go to house, you're in 9-12) (but I really want the 8s to meet the 9s before next September...)

get on with it les

righ right right

As repayment for my watering the plants of the evil landlord, we have access to their backyard and BBQ. Now, being as landlord is manipulative and evil (trust me on this) I wanted to avoid using anything that was hers. BUT a bbq IS a bbq! SO. Tonight, I hosted the gr 8s and 9s in a little BBQ shindig.

I pride myself in my bbq skills. heck! I pride myself in my cooking skills.. I love to entertain (though evil landlord has really put a damper on dinner parties). SO! When GI Netty asked me jokingly "do you know HOW to bbq?" I laughed and said "of course!"

And then a giant billow of flame jumped out of the bbq and burnt my eyelashes and eyebrows.


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