Thursday, September 27, 2007

bad vibes

ok, so today I was working inside the Pdot's Rec Centre, supporting some guys in their job there... also going on was the set up for a polling station which was to open at 12. the 'burg's station was to open at 9am... both times were listed on the notices sent to people... who reads the whole thing??? you scan it, find the numbers you're looking for, and that's it.
I'm thinking of writing a letter to the editor....

Mister grumpy pants was manning the outside portion of the station, "greeting" people as they came. The first arrival was at 11:15.

Arriving Man:: Hi I'm here to vote
Grumpy pants:: Well, you can't yet.
AM:: puzzled look
GP:: OBVIOUSLY you didn't bother to read past the first paragraph.
AM:: puzzled look
GP:: Because if you had, you'd see that it's 'burg that opens at 9, WE don't open till 12.
AM:: puzzled look... walks away

Mister Unhelpful (who's been wandering around asking people questions and getting people upset) wanders into the hall.
MU:: THOSE people in the gym rented it until 11.
GP:: They're still in there
MU:: They don't PLAN on leaving until 12... but they only RENTED it till 11... no one's kicking them out.. is that Pdot's general climate??? (look of disgust)

GP:: (with a triumphant look) Well, I just turned our first away.
MU:: oh really?
GP:: He couldn't be bothered to read the second paragraph, so he was early.... it's ok, he was only going to vote green party.

I don't even stifle my shocked "oh goodness".

Later I hear GP try to pull the holier-than-thou "you couldn't be bothered to read the second paragraph" thing on another guy (who arrived at 11:50) the man didn't play along, much to grumpy pants' disappointment... he was cut off with "I'm a few minutes early".
GP tried to redeem himself a few moments later with a story about the man who arrived in the last hour "irate that he couldn't vote, but hadn't bothered to actually read the papers."

I let out another "oh goodness".

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Fallen said...

Welcome to life in the Pdot. Negativity and apathy abound. I'm thinking I should save my sanity and get out now. *lol*