Friday, September 07, 2007


The week leading up to the festival was great... I set up my tent to the top of the hill (a move I always regret while walking to the top for the 30th time in a day) on Tuesday afternoon, I'd been out at the site nearly every day for the week before that, but really couldn't get myself to commit to 24 hour living till then...
My tent in place, the kitchen on it's way, I went home each night (Tues, Wed, Thurs) for some showering and bunny lovin'.

The entire week had me laughing... I was smiling from ear to ear (quite literally... my face hurt all week) I was in the place I love best. Surrounded by people who want to be where they are, and will do anything to make things succeed... who wouldn't be smiling?

I'm sure that enough happened, or was said... to write an entire novel. At one point I turned to someone and asked them to follow me around writing things down for me so I could remember everything...

Tracey:: how do you cook for four hundred people?
Liz:: you take a recipe for four..... and times it by a hundred.

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