Thursday, September 13, 2007

confusion:: HOW did the chicken cross the road?

I live on a fairly quiet street traffic-wise.... except for when train 48 pulls in or out (yes, there REALLY is a train 48!) or when any of the other commuter trains are filling and emptying. Then.... I live in congesta-land... I've sat a full 5 minutes at the end of my driveway waiting for the cars to clear so I can leave my house.
I live a few doors down from the station... there are two exits to the main road from the station, the first goes directly to the road... but it's a blind exit and has resulted in many an accident, and the second takes a detour past my house onto a side road that leads to the main road... which is half a blind exit (oh, love the hills). It might have been Monday that I noticed the workers changing the street lights to include the little side road... there-by moving the stopping line for South bound travellers BACK by about 35-40 feet... They started the lights on Tuesday.... I've YET to see all the cars stop in the right spot.
This town is such a creature of habit, each time the light changes 3-5 cars are left sitting in the MIDDLE of the intersection... still blocking the side street. (Having ignored both the "stop here on red" and "do not block intersection" signs)
good grief!


The Lurker said...

Chickens always manage to cross the road, it's the racoons that have the problems.


Beth said...

i saw the town engineer there yesterday with the head guy front the utility company, watching the same thing happen as you described. drivers stop at the stop here sign, and then advance to the old (now painted over and invisible line) to stop again. it's quite funny to watch.