Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the hills are pretty crazy

I got an email on my couch surfing page, and I was so sad to have to write my first "no can do". On the plus side... I'm going to folk the 80's with the McFlies on Friday (errr. they'll do the folkin' I'll do the watching and enjoying!)

BUT, this gives to you the opportunity to have a surfer!! Anyone interested in hosting a young man and his bike on Friday night? He's travelling from Toronto to Kingston and needs a little stop over. He's a verified level two with couch surfers (so that's a good thing for hosts) and I checked all his host's references and they all look good.
Send me an email you Northumberland County rez' and I'll hook you up!

This week seems to be the last of the "crazy extras" and I think life will be settling down into routine next week... which makes me happy... I've got a little piece of paper I want to be putting to use.... (read that as yearly zoo membership).

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