Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drip drip drip!

March is so weird.
This is a photo from last week... 15 mins later the sun came out and melted it all!
I'm very patiently waiting on the sap buckets to fill though. Last year's birch syrup adventure left me exhausted (um, hello! 100 litres of sap to a litre of syrup?? Yes, I made two litres of syrup). But this year's Maple adventure is much more tame (35-40 litres of sap to a litre of syrup). My big plan had been to ask the neighbours if I could tap their trees too.. Next year hopefully.

Time to go chase some chickens around the yard till lunch. I sprouted a mix of seeds this weekend that are looking like they'll be the delicious topper to today's salad. Lentil, mustard, radish, and goodness knows what!

Oh geeze.
I'm writing about salad toppings and weather. I need to get out this week.

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