Friday, March 23, 2012

grow time!

So I finally conceeded that the back yard is no place for my raised bed. There's just not enough sunlight to support the things I want to grow back there. Taking a cue from the victory garden I worked in two summers ago with sweet Richard, I got brave, decided not to care what the neighbours think... and moved the bed to the front yard!

I still need to give the yew bushes a good trim to make room for the second bed that I'm going to build (next week after payday), but right now I'm really happy with the way it turned out.


I grew some veggies in that flower bed by the front door last year- so it's a natural transition. The biggest comment I've gotten since putting it in is "aren't you worried people will steal from it?" Oh good night! If people need to steal veg, they need veg! We don't have a lot of foot traffic (or any traffic) on our little street- I know most of the faces that pass by the door, or at least know which house they're headed to. We don't even get much drunk traffic after the bars close- and we're not on the route that the kids use to get to school.. so I think most of my plants are safe. I've still got the posts though to put up the squirrel/cat nets. I hate the squirrels digging up my seeds, and the idea that a cat wants to pee on my veggies grosses me out so much.

As of this morning I've got 5 little garlic babies poking their tips out of the soil... very exciting stuff. I'm trying so hard not to plant other things yet.

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