Thursday, March 15, 2012


Walking home from the grocery store on Monday I had a really eye opening experience.
I had my big backpack on, walking along, when from a house behind me I heard someone screaming. Shrieking actually.

An older woman, maybe 68+? had fallen getting out of her car. Her husband had backed the car in, and parked really close to the edge of the driveway, where there was a slight drop off and a wooden divider (between the neighbour's driveway). The wife had tripped and somehow fallen between the car and the divider (not much space!)

Myself and another walker zipped over to help when we heard her fall- so we were there when the husband found her (he took his time coming around the car) I know that it was likely stress from the situation, but the husband was pretty much chastising his wife for falling, while she was crying on the ground. He tried to pick her up without asking her if she was ready, without asking if she was ok, by pulling on her arms. All the while saying things like "I told you time and again to be more careful getting out of the car there". I kind of wanted to deck him.
Instead I loudly asked her if she was ok, if she was able to sit up (husband was trying to pick her up while she was laying on the ground prone). This stopped him for a moment.
I asked her if she wanted help to sit up and rest for a moment- husband started in again on how she needed to watch where she was going. I asked her if she thought she'd be able to stand if we helped her, or if she thought we should call for an ambulance. She said she thought she could stand, but needed help because of the narrow space. I told her we were going to reach around and help her up, that she should take her time, husband again starts pulling her arms off her body by the wrist, so I calmly said "we'll help you by reaching under your arms to give you a little more support" (A "hurrumph" noise from husband, who is obviously flustered and embarrassed by all this). We get the lady to her feet and I tell her to take her time.... husband hands her some of the grocery bags from the trunk of the car!!!!!!


I wonder what sort of forum exists out there that we can use to educate people on how to assist others when they've had a fall? Especially for those who are aging. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

YouTube. We'll make a vid. I'll fall down, you help me up. As for teaching people not to be a jackass, good luck.


moxywoman said...

I wonder what sort of forum exists out there that we can use to educate people on how to respect their frakkin' WIVES!