Friday, March 09, 2012

the list

The March "Lion" is toying with us. Which, makes me a little stir crazy. It also means I'm getting frantic to garden. I spent some time yesterday looking at garden plans (not my own). The biggest thing I'm looking at right now is finding a few spots in my yard that have enough sunlight to garden in. Possibly the front yard. Likely the fence line in the back yard with the strawbale gardens again. And hopefully the driveway fence line (I really want to put in a few fruit trees there)

Last week I was toying with the idea of making a list of homesteading skills... For now, here's a list of the skills I WANT to learn.
Why? Well, once I started listing the things I could do, I started getting pretty cocky.

Animal husbandry: sheep, goats,
(with that, shearing, milking, cheese making)

chickens- how to brood/hatch

chop wood

hitch a team

plow/or better understanding of soil

spin (I heard I'll be learning this one soon!)

sewing machine sew/ follow a pattern better

other preserving techniques (pressure cooker canning/root veg cold storage/crocks)

whole food understanding

growing and milling grains (which I wrote as "milling brains" the first time, and couldn't figure out why it looked so funny on the list)

passive solar /solar power

cob/strawbale/earth building

I'm sure this list could should would be longer.


manda said...

I could help hook you up on a couple of those.
P.S. I LOVE the new background!

L.Bo Marie said...

thanks, Bethfield was complaining about the plain background... I just didn't want anything too busy.

Haha, next time you come down, if you need a place to store the spinning wheel.... ;)