Thursday, March 01, 2012

in the gutter

When I call "sick day" there are two films I must watch.



Little Shop of Horrors.

I love them both so much. Too much. I've mentioned all this before... I have them memorized, the nuances and speech patterns, the movements, the everythings. And because of this- I tend to quote them, or see them in things around me. I cannot go to the dentist without the entire dental song running thru my head. When someone is talking about gutters, I translate it to "in tha gutas". I wait for shrimp cocktails to grab people by the face... These are films that have shaped me.

Tonight I went to see a high school production of Little Shop. It was lovely. And... it took everything in my not to jump up on stage and play every part.

Dave Foley has a kid? (he was in the play)(the kid... not Dave Foley)

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