Tuesday, April 03, 2012

challenge accepted.

I'm taking on the 1000lb challenge.
With a few adjustments....
The 1000lb challenge is a friendly year long competition going on between two gardens down South, one of the competitors is an online friend....

Basically- they each have 500 square feet of garden and are going to try to get 1000lbs of food out of it over the next year.

I have (nearly) 100 square feet, so I'm going to try for 180 lbs of food over the year.

I'm trying out "square foot gardening" but might end up squishing a few things closer than the recommended spacing to take advantage of my plots.

The garden space: One built 8x4 raised bed, one nearly built 8x4*, one 8x2 hot bed (it's first to thaw and last to freeze, but too hot for anything mid summer). the 12x1 straw bale garden, the 2x3 asparagus bed, and tonight I just chopped down the yews out front to make room for a third** front bed (4x4).

I'm feeling good about it. I'm excited to see what I can do now that I have land that gets some sunlight! The garlic babies are doing GREAT! 32 of 34 have come up. Last year I planted 12, 8 came up, and the newspaper kid crushed them all by throwing the papers on them. This year, it's a little more obvious that things are growing.... so I'm hopeful the newspapers stay out of the beds. I found a really great little site that looks at square foot gardening in raised beds. It gives a few example layouts and notes how much space each plant needs. Then you can go and plot out your garden, and drag and drop the plants into place- I like visuals... it shows what the garden will look like mid growing season- a good reminder to pay attention to the esthetics- especially since it's out front of the house now.

* nearly built... I've told myself I'm building it. Maybe I'll even buy the wood for it this week.
** nearly 3rd... see above.

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