Saturday, April 07, 2012

dream a little dream of me

I have vivid dreams.
Followers of this blog will remember the Larium Delirium that followed me home from Togo. Sometimes I wonder if it's a sort of flash back that I'm experiencing.
I remember every detail.
SO many details.
Not necessarily the story line... I'm talking the colours and textures and smells and objects.

This one is a gross one.

Last night I was in a greenhouse/ basement.
It was my maternal grandmother's basement, but it was a greenhouse (hey, I make up the rules as I go). It was near the ocean (not in real life). This room had been housing an individual under the care of some people- but they hadn't been watching him closely to see how he was really doing.
He wasn't doing well.
At some point he'd turned into a hoarder.
A hamster hoarder.

They were nearly all dead.
Shelves and shelves of plastic multi-coloured cages, wire cages. Hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies. A few birds... but they were all called hamsters. Some were mummified, some were rotting. The ones that weren't stiff and flat could barely lift their heads- I started with eye droppers, trying to nurse each one with water- then switched to just filling water bottles as fast as I could... just in case.

Meanwhile, I'd been keeping a parrot in a glass of water. Hopeful that it would revive itself.

On top of the shelving was a terrarium... the kind some people keep lizards or frogs in. Deep water though.. filled with stinking algae, and duckweed, and scottish fold cats.
4 of them.
I wanted one.
The grey one.
but it was really sick, and needed help from someone who knew about sick scottish folds... So I said I'd take the black and white one home. And the parrot in the glass of water, because it was getting attached to me- we'd been sharing songs.

There was a lot more to the dream.
But I woke up more fully as I was explaining to someone why I wanted the black and white one, and what my medal should look like after the rescue was done.

I love lucid dreaming.

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