Thursday, April 05, 2012

Week 1

Welcome to week one of the 1000lb challenge!
While I still haven't built the two new beds, I did chop down some bushes, and got some seeds in the soil.

I have a problem.

I'm addicted to the kitchen garden planner on . The pre-planned gardens are really cute... but it's the square-foot template planner that I'm in love with. You drag and drop the pictures of the veggies you want on your plot, and it gives you a list of when to plant, how many to plant, and how to plant it... So cute. I've redesigned my garden a million times in the past two days.

But... I did finally break down and got some seeds in the soil.
I'm doing the square foot thing, sooooo here's the run down:

in the ground-
12 square feet of garlic
4 sf golden and red beets
4 sf of rainbow chard
2 sf sugar snap peas
2 sf snow peas

to be planted-
(in that first bed after the frost is done, seeds have been started in the house)
4 sf sweet bell peppers
2 sf HOT chilli peppers
2 sf eggplant

I've noticed the squirrels aren't so into digging in a moist bed- I've been really laying down the water (as we've gotten 2 good days of rain in the past month), but my plan after work today is to cut the squirrel net to size and figure out a nice neat way of attaching it.

ALSO! I got word this week that I can team up with one of the farmers market booths to sell grocery bags (crocheted market bags and sewn veggie bags) along with some worm stuff ... This is with the victory garden guys (Richard's son and his partner- they moved into Richard's place in the fall). I'm pretty pumped, they're doing some really neat things over at the garden, and I'm excited to be a part of it too.
I'm wondering about sprouts.
I know the guys are doing pea shoots and some other things... I'd like to do the spicy sprout mix to sell too.

ok, too many ideas.

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