Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring concerts!

So, As most of you know, I run a tiny house concert series here in Cobourg-  2-6 (affordable) shows a year, with 20 seats (unless weather permits us to set up in the back yard). It's cozy little space, but the company is warm, and the tunes delightful. PLUS, there's usually some tasty treats too.

I have three fantastic shows set up for the rest of the year, and the first is coming up quickly!

THIS weekend (a surprise opening as they pass through Ontario....
David Simard and Steve Gates

David Simard hailing from Montreal (but previously Ptbo) is one of my favourite voices- David is one of those singer songwriters that just keeps getting better and better. It's just a matter of time before we start to hear him everywhere. In 10 years when he's beyond famous, you'll want to be able to turn to your friends and say you saw him at a tiny house concert first. (I may have embarrassed myself and kissed his CD the night I got it- thinking he wasn't looking- but he was.... I was that excited)

East coast's Steve Gates just released his debut full length album including the vocals of SVFF friend Rose Cousins and the lovely Jenn Grant. He's touring Canada, and there's a tonne of great press out there about his new album "A Bee In Her Mouth". The link will bring you to a cbc blurb and a sweet little video about Steve. Steve is being backed by two bandmates.. it'll be snug in the hobbit house Saturday night!

Show details: Saturday April 28th, 7pm, $15 or PWYC, call or message to reserve seats!

Coming in June-

Paper Beat Scissors- Tim Crabtree makes some of the most lovely and haunting music I've been lucky enough to hear. His video for Flicker is a treat for both the eyes and ears. Tim is living out East these days, and it's a treat to be able to host him in Northumberland... And I'm super excited to get my hands on his album, my copy of his EP has long since been stolen by some friend who fell in love with his sound.

Show details: Sunday June 10th 7pm $15 or PWYC, call or message to reserve seats!

and... this one I still can't believe...

CR Avery- anyone who's a friend of Corin Raymond has heard him rant and rave over CR's work, I listened to his advice and took in on of his showcases at OCFF last fall. I was AWESTRUCK. And I cried thru a good portion of the show. This guy has so much passion, and so many words to show that passion. Um, my current favourite way to describe CR ? "spoken word, beat box, harmonica, banjo, hip hop guy". If you're not cool with some crass language, this probably isn't the best show for you, but if you love words, and you love people who know how to use those words to make beautiful stories and songs and poems... this IS the show for you.

Show details: Sunday June 24th, 7pm $15- tickets to be paid in advance (e-transfer is an option)

message me at ladylesley at hotmail dot com for tickets

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