Monday, November 19, 2012

my first world problem

I've got something weird going on with the hot tub controls... ok, since the spring when it last got a tune up- I should have noticed then, but I didn't till like a month after the repair.

So, the temp. control is a little off... it's suppose to be that you turn the dial up to the temp that you want, the light comes on when it's heating, and shuts off when it's reached that heat. Except that there are no numbers on the dial (nor have there ever been)... SO. in the past, I learned where 101 was... and the temp would fluxuate between 100 and 103 at that setting.

Since the spring, the temp can be set at 95 (with a range of 92-95) or... the last setting on the dial, where  it won't turn off and instead heats up to it's safety shut off at 107. So, I can leave the tub at 95, and turn it up half an hour before I go out... perfect timing for it to be at around 101.... or, I can forget and go out later when it's 107... OR forget completely, and it shuts off when it gets to 107- but I'm going out the next afternoon and suddenly it's 80 because the heater shut off the night before.

Last night was a night where I forgot and went out after it'd been on for an hour... 107... which, as a friend likes to call it is a "religious experience" being in there.
My first world problem?
My hot tub is too hot.
I had to stand out in my towel in the back yard afterwards for a few minutes because I was too hot to go in the house.

Saving money for the repair... but the dog who stole christmas decided to cut her eye again last week- so it might be awhile.

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