Thursday, November 01, 2012


Inspired by my friend BethSheff, I'm taking on the basement... I went down there this morning armed with a recycling bag, a box for garbage and a few boxes for the local second hand store.

I didn't come back up for hours.

And when I did... things were worse than when I started.
The house is... um.... *sigh*

Let's just say that if my mother wasn't already dead, she'd have had a heart attack and died from the piles of random things. I've mentioned before how I'm an "Outie" organizer raised by "Innie" parents, right?  Their version of storage was "everything has a place, and everything in it's place".... my version is "I know which pile it's in".

I'm slowly learning that neither method is right... it's ok to be either way... there are good sides to each of the systems... it's the Catholic guilt that I deal with for having things in sight that really does me in....

Anyway... I've emptied more than half the boxes (those which were never unpacked after the move) into garbage/recycle/reuse piles... the things I've found!!! Seriously. AMAZING.

I've found a smoke detector... the one that started beeping 4 months ago.
My Social Security card... I didn't know it was missing!
Countless bottles of shampoo... all half used... weird.
So MANY binders.
(one of them was even my music binder from 1997) (hello "Lifeline" music team!)

Some of the things I've been bringing up and leaving where I'll see them- so I'll deal with them right away... um. except that the dog keeps tripping on them.

I'm not kidding... she fell into a mixing bowl tonight. It comes up to her knees... it's not small. It's in the middle of the floor... um. beside the spinning wheel. um... beside the autoharp.

On monday she ran into a wall. She didn't cut her eye this time... but she did bruise it... I think she's lost most of her vision now in the left eye.

Hence falling INTO the mixing bowl.

I borrowed these snazzy Doggles to help protect her eyes... except her head is too big for them... Bubble wrap is the next option.

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Cathy said...

It must be an internal seasonal thing, I mean the reorganizing, purging, and here...a wee bit of room changes! I was thinking of your Mom as we headed to Benjamin Moore last weekend for paint for the dining room. It's a rich colour, a little dark but I can't wait to have the room completed! I remember the very pink primer when we were doing the livingroom all those years ago and John was VERY nervous about it thinking somehow the colour we picked; dark cherry, would end up looking like the pink primer! A need for reassurance, we made a call to your Mom. She had a good laugh and did assure us all was fine! ...And John and I breathed again! LOL

I've been going through pictures, papers, etc. and asking myself what the kids might find of interest/value in later years. It sure makes a mess but you know the saying, "it has to get worse before it gets better!"...which thankfully is generally only the case in such matters as "reorganizing" and of course renovations! Pink first, then the true colours! LOL!
Maybe a pool ring to fit Jelly's head, keeping her eyes at a safe distance when she bumps into the walls!? Poor wee girl!