Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When you start laughing and can't stop?


That's what I've been doing with this play. Oh, it's not a funny play... it's a Christmas cantata, or... rather, it's the 'Burg's version of the Rockettes... except that it's the "Parkettes" and they're like 13 years old, so we all feel pervy watching their legs.

Seriously, doesn't matter if you're into boys, you can't help but love the Parkettes' legs... well, until you remember again that they're 13.. Then you want to lock yourself up.... but even then it's like "oh my gosh lock me up, look at those gams!"

That's not why I've been laughing though. There are a few scenes where we're to be in our "family groups" while there's not much room on stage- those leggy colts take up a lot of room with their giant costumes and fancy moves. So, in order to keep the distance between the family groups and still give space to the dancers... we squish into a corner. The other night we squished, and the director could be heard from the back of the room "your family group is too wide". Which I took to be a direct statement about my hips. Then he comes flying onto the stage and shuffles us together, placing me in the neck pit of a fellow singer, my hands in the crotch of another singer, and pushes poor neck-pit back so she's totally body to body with me... so not only am I singing into the base of her scalp, but she can feel every breath. The music starts... and all I can do is stand there and laugh. Which of course makes poor neck-pit laugh... and we shake through the entire song.

We're just going to back up out of the way from now on.

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