Friday, September 23, 2005

if I could talk to the animals...

la la with the animals, play with the animals all day.

I had this music box when I was little that played that tune... I never did find out what all the words were, but I really liked it. When Little-Bits and I were ... little.... Dad's place of employment would throw a Christmas party each year. Santa even came to it. The parties were always in obscure places, old camps, dank halls, I remember one being in a school gym of sorts... but Santa would show up and hand out the gifts... each one wrapped and labeled "girl age 6" or "boy aged 4"... I got the music box there... it was a figure of a wrinkles dog on top... playing the violin. Wearing a top hat.

All that to say::

I want to go to the zoo

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manda said...

just so you know, your weather pixie was wearing a black leather cat suit tonight... that's hot!