Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my God given gifting

The day has been a tragic one. Many have lost their lives.
And, though the battle seemed as though it would never end, and the opponents many- the freedom that was won in this long and arduous battle was a release like none other.
The foes rushed in from all sides... they came in from the air.... they came from below. I thought that my own days were numbered. One bystander cried "I've had enough"!
There were decapitations and dismemberments.
There was the sound of smacking and whacking.
But in the end.... I remained.
Coffee in one hand, newspaper still on the table (albeit covered in limbs) I set my fly swatter on the table and asked Dave to sweep up the 28 wasps that lay at my feet.
Did I receive payment for my service? Did I receive even a free small coffee?
not so much
but I enjoyed it none the less.

:: The coffee shop had the door open this morning, for some reason the wasps just coming in... annoyed with owner-dave hovering around me with his swatter... I took over so he'd go away.


JKC said...

you make me laugh

royal said...

I've been looking for a way to make that guy go away for a while...all you need is a fly swatter? I knew he was a bug.