Thursday, January 04, 2007

do they want me to stay?

work can be a little bit... uh... disorganized.

the Thursday before I was to return to work I still hadn't heard from them as to where I was to report ... I went in and filled out a return to work paper and phoned my manager at home to tell her it was there and remind her that it needed her signature before it was sent (so I could return from my LOA) the next day.
I never thought of it again.
A few weeks ago I discover an error in my favour by the bank... I've been doubting the contents of my account since the investigation began. I just operate under the assumption that I have my pay cheques in a timely manner and continue on with life.
Yesterday (I've now been "back to work" for nearly 4 weeks) I received an urgent message at 2:55 that I was to phone a manager. I phoned and discovered that my return to work papers had not been delivered. Not only that, but because of this, I didn't receive my pay. Not only that, but I was to be terminated the next day for failure to return from my LOA in a timely fashion.
With that, I searched the office, the paper was not to be found... thankfully, I wasn't going crazy, there was someone there who remembered me coming in that day (December 8th) to fill in the form.
So, I dashed to the computer to print out a new form that I could fax to this other Boss (as my own was out of town). The computer program generates an error, the program shuts down... I open it again... the program generates an error, the program shuts down.
Now, maybe I should mention at this point that the form needs to be filled in, signed by me, then sent to this other manager, filled in some more, then faxed to the corporate office BEFORE 4pm, at which time the office is closed and I'm pretty much outta luck.
I restart the computer at 3:10. I hit print at 3:15.
The printer is not working.
The fax machine is not receiving.
I restart the printer.
Still not printing, I phone PTBO, they try faxing it to me again.
no dice.
I drive to another program at 3:30.
Arrive, hurriedly explain that I need their computer, and dash to the office.
I print, fill out the form and fax by 3:43.
I drive back to my program.
Throw up.
And then dive into the mess of financial disasters left for me by my Coworkers.
Welcome back to work.

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