Monday, February 26, 2007

flash back part two

"coulda been a par-ty... coulda been a par-ty"

you know those times when you hear a phrase and it jolts you into song? I figure there's a song for nearly every phrase said out there... well .. nearly....

Every time I have to sit at the train crossing and a freight passes, I have to start singing "freight train freight train going so fast, freight train freight train wish it would last...." because that's what mom and dad sang when we sat at the crossing.

My mom used to sing that party line all the time when you started to talk about a party... or planned for one... I just thought she was making it up.

Friday, while on a work errand, (with mug-o-creme-de-ble) in hand... I heard the real song... "musta been a par-ty" was the actual line.... You know it's not going to be in the top hits chart when it takes 28 years to hear it for yourself.... It made me smile thinking about her.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe that freight train song is for real after all.....

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