Tuesday, February 27, 2007

an open letter to the wiener (and I don't mean winner) (OR) A bad month to be a bunny

:: to the dolt who decided to take their previously beloved pet and dump it when it became to much work for them. Your pet who loved you and trusted you is now in several pieces all over the yard. Good work.

I've written and re-written a post about the "great rabbit rescue of George St." and then deleted it again.
Nearly two weeks ago (the morning after that REALLY cold night) my neighbour pointed out to me a large Cinnamon coloured rabbit that had taken up residence in his front yard. Not your average tannery area bunny, not one of the scrawny brown tufts of fur bolting from anything that moved. ...No this was someone's pet... fat, friendly, fearless...
The neighbourhood took on this bunny... One lady going door to door asking if anyone owned it, she said she was calling the humane society next. My landlord trying to convince my roomie that my rabbit had escaped "no, I REALLY don't think it's hers!" People left carrots, people left water (aka bowls of ice) I brought leftover Norty food, hay and pellets.
After a few days of trying to grab it when it ran up to greet me, I figured I needed a plan... after watching it being chased by a cat, I figured I needed a plan soon.
Yesterday I devised my plan, the bunny was now eating from my hand, but moved any time I brought my other hand near... if I set up Norty's gate, I could make a "bunny funnel" and chase him into a box.
Last night when I got home, I saw something strange. Two lines in the snow... from my driveway, across the yard, over a snow bank, up another, and off around the corner... I couldn't figure out what it was a first.. not big enough for cross country skis... did someone tie a cart to their cat? maybe that's what it was? Someone tied a cart to their cat... or really tiny dog.... I thought it was strange... but as I started to follow it... I felt sick... it couldn't be that. I stopped following it. I followed it back to my driveway and saw where it started....
bunny tracks running to greet cat tracks... cat tackling bunny... rolling... then a few tentative steps...

The tracks I saw were poor bunny's back feet dragging in the snow, covering up the tracks of the cat who dragged him into the next yard... I was too late by about ten minutes.

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