Thursday, February 15, 2007

me and my shovel

Though I like the idea of winter, and though I am fond of watching winter from the warmth of my home... out a window in a room with a fireplace, under multiple layers of clothing and blankets......
Though all that is true:: I do not like to participate in the act of winter.

Yesterday, even though we didn't get all that much snow.... due to drifting, I shoveled the front walk at home twice, I spent 45 minutes with the snow blower at work, countless trips at work to keep the steps clear of snow... only to find that when I got home my parking space was filled by the snow plow.
God bless the amazing person who took a snow blower to the rest of my parking space sometime last night... I'd only cleared enough to drive over the giant pile and parked on the sidewalk before my arms fell off!


Anonymous said...

I know you feel bad for our landlord (not our landlady).... but it's their job to get the snow cleared! It's why we pay them rent. Do you want me to leave a message asking what time of day after a snow storm we might expect the sidewalk/driveway to be cleared?

Will said...

I do miss the snow but not the cold. I guess I can't have one without the other.