Tuesday, February 20, 2007

tap tap tap tap tap tap

So, this morning I was to pick up "fred" from the Blue Box ("Beyond the Blue Box" a store that sells second hand items, money going to charity, and employs many of the developmentally delayed adults in our community). Generally I go a few minutes early as I'm on my way back from dropping another individual off. This also allows me time to wander the store..
You never know what you're going to find there... really.
My first apartment in University was furnished nearly entirely from that store... tables, chairs, end tables, most of our dishes...
Today I was wandering around, looking for cross country ski shoes... with no luck (I've never seen cross-country shoes there yet... take your pick of down hill though) so I switched my focus to cameras, looking for a fun find... nothing today... I moved over to the computer section... and I noticed a series of cases varying in size under the shelving unit. I pulled out a scuffed smaller sized case and unzipped it.... Inside? the cutest little manual typewriter ever!
I tried it out, the ribbon was still good, the keys all worked, all the capitals and numbers and symbols worked... the return bar made a satisfying click-whir noise as I pushed it across....
I was smitten.
But there was no price.
So I was downcast.
Knowing I had little money with me (lol, or in the bank) I brought the case to the counter....
I asked the cost.
Marie smiled at me "since you're a friend (motioning to the cue of people still jabbering at me) it's free of charge today."
gleefully I giggled like a school girl and thanked her over and over...
I have some serious writing to do!

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dsheff said...

Great buy/steal! Get that stream of consciousness going. It will be better than blogging.