Sunday, March 25, 2007


so when something eventful or just odd happens, I think to myself.. "self, I need to write that down" or even "self, don't forget to blog that".

Last night I was in a building... the building started to shake and roar, I turned to the people who were with me and said... "is this house a rocket ship?" to which they laughed... UNTIL we looked out the window and saw that the entire house was being lifted by a crane. Workers had been working around the building for quite awhile... but no one had given us warning it was time to get out! A few of us swore, we grabbed onto furniture and waited for the house to settle back into place. I didn't know it was safe to lift a house that high... that it was safe to turn it in air, let it get caught by a little wind... safe to swing it back into place... I had NO idea....
But later, when I found the fish in Ziploc bags in the cupboard, I knew what I had to do....
I dragged myself back from sleep as I said the words "I've got to remember to blog about this".

note:: I did watch the Wizard of Oz with the Roomie yesterday.

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