Friday, March 09, 2007

losing my identity

If you live in the Tannery area, and they tear down the tannery... where do you live?

I woke up the other morning to the house shaking a little... I didn't think much of it as the train tracks are quite close, if you are in the front room when a freight passes, you can hear the windows shaking in their panes If you are sitting close enough you can watch the glass shake around. (yeah, I imagine those are pretty weather tight ;) There's even a slight shudder to the house when two pass at the same time. When I stepped out the front door at 7, the air smelt heavy like skunk... which was strange because that was the morning of the minus 33 wind chill... if I were a skunk, I'd still be in bed- skunks don't have day jobs. It was strange until I took the first corner behind my house and saw the dust flying and settling, flying and settling. The large red brick house at the main entrance to the Tannery was flattened. a heap of red brinks and some machinery sorting left over bits if metal and wood stood beside an archway made of cement that had at one time connected the house (office?) to the rest of the buildings, remained.
The Tannery was a photographer's (or maybe any artist's) dream.... old window panes catching light, rusting cogs and wheels, wooden roofs at strange angles, little bits of shadow and surprises. I'll miss it. That same morning an old door had been left open, you could see silhouetted and framed by morning sunlight an old pulley and chains from the ceiling... I really need to start carrying a camera.

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