Thursday, March 22, 2007

good intentions

Dear Blog::
I'm sorry I've neglected you again. I pledge not to be sucked into the seductiveness of the facebook again. I promise dearest blog, that I'll give you my full attention. That I'll spend time writing instead of fuming and tormenting myself over the abundance of words in my head.

Full of good intentions though yesterday, I'd planned on posting a little pic of the cutie who's coming to live with me... (read RABBIT people... come on!) Dolly and I spent a chunk of time instead building the new NIC condo and melting the zip ties that held it all together (who knew zip ties could be so sharp?)
Pictures of both bun and condo are coming.

oh right.. did I mention that this bun is intended to be the pet for the giant bun?


Northumberland Independent said...

Stay away from facebook. There is a whole world out there at your disposal.

Facebook is pure evil, and all it wants is to keep you indoors and unhappy.

Suzanne said...

Damn straight....I warned you!