Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A plug

So, fantastic news this week at work, we're getting a pay increase! We're still not at "industry standards" but we're moving up a little at a time.
"What will I do with my Retro pay?" has been the question of the day for many.. and I'm flip flopping back and forth on my decision.... it's not a tonne of money... a little over $500 before taxes, AND it's nearly income tax time... well, it IS income tax time, but I'm still waiting on three little pieces of paper *le sigh*...
I need a new mattress for my bed... sometime soon. Not desperately soon, no springs are stabbing me in the back yet, but it's an old one, laying on a sheet of chipboard in the frame of my bed. So I've been doing some pricing here and there over the past year....
Saturday I found myself in "Heavenly Dreams" It's the place beside CDCI West, it used to have some other name, but in the past year it's changed, the owner there now is Scott Keller.
I like local, so I will be buying from him. Not just because he's local, but because he bothered to put the time and energy into a sale that he may not have even profited from. He even encouraged me to check around for other prices.
So, I go in, and Scott comes up to me and asks how he might help, I mention that I'm just starting to price things out and I'm not really sure what it is that I'm looking for. Scott then takes thirty minutes of his time to explain a whole PILE about mattresses. (pun may or may not be intended). I came in knowing very little... and I've spent time in and out of stores all over... and left with a grasp on what I need to know to make an informed purchase. All the while Scott kept in mind that I likely wouldn't be buying from him, and helped me to figure out how to make the comparisons between brands and even how to compare same brands between different shops. He took the time to answer even my obscure questions..
Did you know that there's a brand of mattresses that has parts produced locally?
Anyway, I know this reads like a cheesy advertisement... but well... it is. Your regularly scheduled blogger will be back later.
Go check them out.

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