Friday, March 30, 2007


they call it spring... "spring has sprung"
I think I've sprung... a brain that is. I can't remember anything other than the immediate, and even that's by chance. It's the season... Work has been stressful, I'm feeling pulled in a lot of directions there... I like paperwork, I like the order of it, and the finished piles are so satisfying... but I like the hands on- I like helping them with their work, finding new jobs and activities for them. And right now. I'm suppose to do both. Which doesn't seem right.
Plus it's the financial year end at work.
And I'm feeling some financial strain... or at least stress myself.
And I'm not good at waiting for things... and I feel like I'm waiting for a lot right now.
I've just finished my 13 day stretch at work (well, there's a day off in the middle there, but I spent the entire day doing work related stuff) and I'm so thankful for my weekend.

Today I have a moment to myself, and it feels so good.
I heard rumour of a pizza on the way.

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