Thursday, August 02, 2007

what do you get when you take one bathtub, two bunnies, and a camera?

photo sesh!
ok, didn't want to fight the redeye reduc ... so pretend Fynn Fynn isn't indwelt by Satan.

First encounter!
Fynn:: are you eatable?

Pontouf:: *flops to the ground* Why yes! I am!

Pontouf:: I have big feet.

Fynn:: yes you do... lean into it.... this is how you work the camera....

Editor's note:: I did NOT pose them.... they really do sit like this...
errrrr... and like this......


Fred said...

Norty! So much cuteness. Send to CO immediately!! Do you have more? Please? Then laying on top of each other in 29 degree heat (he, it's 29 here today in the middle of winter)

Congrats on the new job too!

Hélène said...

Hey, you have a Holstein bunny!