Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's official.

Well folks, it's official.
Time to celebrate.
I gave my two weeks notice today.

Due to the nature of my current job, err... rather, due to the people that I currently support- and their ability/inability to process things the way we process things, please don't talk about this news at work until I've had the opportunity to sit down with them TOGETHER and give them all the information.
Seriously... even if you're at a different program...

but now...



Northumberland Independent said...

so what will you be doing now?

manda said...

I'm very very happy for you! YEAH! be free!

T said...

very nice...let's celebrate our departure together. Boy are they going to miss us.

ps...things are very piratey down here on the island

Fallen said...

Even though it's already been asked I wanted to know what you're going to be doing too.