Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the office

as in... the tv show.. and my new life!
ok, so I won't be there (in the office) in the future as much as I am now... but... for now, my reality is pretty similar to the show.
I love it!
I was created for this environment... I have NO bloody clue what I'm doing (there's a lot to take in right now) but.... it's great.
so, if you think of it, pray for me. I'm trying to absorb a ton of info, in a limited time (as I have next week off for SVFF). Thankfully, it's not expected that I figure everything out right away... my boss said give it a month before any of it makes sense... so I'm clinging to that hope.

Ninjas, please pray for some friends of mine as they are on the hunt for a house!!! pray that the right thing for the right price would come their way.... and SOON!

I was looking at my calendar... it's the end of AUGUST!!!! how did this happen???? SVFF is only a few days away.... eeeeeeeek! so much to do... if I disappear for a little while... you'll know which field to find me in

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