Friday, August 17, 2007

ahhh... did I do that?

As with any new job, there are reams and reams of paper to be read, countless polices to put to heart, and names to put with faces.
I'm feeling silly.
I've been in and out of that building nearly daily for 6 years prior to being employed there.
And, in that time, I've met... pretty much every person who works there, or is supported there. Now, here's the problem.. it's not that I've "met" them for real, it's more, I've heard their name in passing, or, just seen them so often that they deserve the Canadian traditional greeting "hey how's it going, [insert comment about the weather being too hot or too cold or too dry or too wet], see you later!" So, combine that with- my inherent inability to remember names... and you've got a disaster.
There are about 20 staff in this building... they all know my name... and I can't remember who is who.... thankfully though, there are multiple Tracy's Tammy's and Patty's, so I figure I have to get it right some of the time.

I LOVE the admin lady... though mostly she spends her time laughing at me as I wander around trying to orient myself.... she's approached me 7... yes, 7 times in the two days I've been working for them asking me how to pronounce my last name... I heard rumour that she's extremely nervous she's going to mispronounce it on the tele-directory... I didn't bother to tell her she's misspelled my first name on everything.

Ok, so... I'm sitting with one of the managers today and she's giving little antidotes of things that have happened, and how they fit under after word of a lie...

Her::"So, on occasion there are minor accidents that occur on the property, and so and so is the one you'd go to see about such and such.... for example, there was a time that someone backed their vehicle into the hand rails and they needed to be repaired"
Me:: "uh... that was me"
Her:: "oh!" (starts laughing)

Her:: "on occasion our own personal property can get ruined... yadda yadda yadda.... for example, if you were to drop your cell phone and have it run over in the parking lot..."
Me:: "uh... that was me too"
Her:: (nearly doubles over in laughter) "I was just using that as a fake example" (more laughter)
Admin lady:: (walks into the room) "now, has she told you what to do in case you run anything over with your car?"
Her:: "we've got to get this girl a parking space so she doesn't have to drive around"
Me:: bright red.

I'll find the link to the van back-up incident eventually.. ever get caught up in reading your own archives?

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T said...

i remember was this year...cuz you had to get a new shiny phone