Thursday, August 23, 2007

small town lovin'

here's a sampler of why I love a small town.

I went for my coffee the other morning, downtown, at the Bean. As I approach, I'm greeted by an older man sitting at "his" table, he asks me how the new job is going.
I walk into the Bean, the owner yells from the back of the store "Lester, Bester, Pester!" (variations on my name that only he can pull off) I flip open the lid of the coffee card box, and taped to the lid is my card.... someone's been adding their stamps to it. I pay, and glance at the "question of the day" ... the man in the back corner yells "you're too late Les".

Outside the shop, the man from the mountain equipment store asks me why I'm not riding my bike today. I cross the street back to my car, as I get in I hear a faint "hey!" being yelled from the window in an apartment above the street... I glance up, and see my neighbour, working construction finishing the details on the iron-worked balcony.

Later I'm driving, waiting to turn left at an intersection, a small boy is waiting to cross the street, standing beside his bike. The light changes, and he waits.... I wave him to go ahead, and he races across the street, but not before yelling out "Thanks Miss!".

I'm in a store, wandering and enjoying the air conditioning.... when a woman walks up to me and says "Hi, I was wondering... where did you get that tee-shirt you're wearing? I really like it... and it looks really good on you." Her teen aged daughter stands smiling beside her....

I walk to my grocery store, and the lady doesn't ask me if I want to buy a bag, she remembers... I pull my fabric bag out of my pocket after I've paid....

I walk home and at the corner am greeted by a friend I haven't seen in a bit in her car, we block the intersection for awhile, but people drive around... she gets a little animated in her conversation, retelling a story, and a neighbour who's walking home overhears and asks us if everything is ok (greeting us both by name).

*le sigh*
good stuffs.
this never happens on a weekend

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