Friday, September 05, 2008

for the next 60 seconds..

A little break from Festival de-briefing... Not because I'm done.. but because other life is happening along the way.

Growing up, I don't think I got a Walkman until I was like... 16? And even then, it was a cheap jobby that I didn't trust outside the house. (Note:: I'd used Walkmans, in the truck or car when we went on family vacations- but it was never my own)
I think (and smartly so) my parents didn't buy them for us so my sister and I wouldn't kill ourselves on our bikes or walking around town. Heck- I could barely wear a helmet on my bike/rollerblades- I couldn't hear the traffic over the sound of the wind on the plastic. I think I have some sort of hearing impairment. 
Eventually I got a job, finished university and bought one of those fancy pants non-skip c.d.Walkmans... I think I went out for a bike ride with it once before it was stolen....

All this to say... I bought myself an ipod shuffle the other day. 

And suddenly, I'm in a musical.

No really... it's like having a sound track to your life... walking down the street- each song transforms the scenery, gives it a mood. 
I'd just finished my run (more on that later) and had finished my cool-down, but still had three blocks to get home... the music made me feel like I was in a movie- I had to keep looking around, enjoying the cinematography... yeah.. I'm a dork.
But that's really what it felt like.

The run... I haven't run in about two weeks (that whole festival thing), so I decided to take it easy. I also decided to give the C25K thing a try. JMack was telling me about this podcast he and GI had been using, going from Couch to 5Km in 9 weeks... I LOVE IT. Week one is a little too easy (but I'm doing it anyway- only, I'm doing it one and a half times... so is that C to 7.5k?) It has you do a 5 min warm up, then 8 sets of 60 second runs with 90 walks between, then a 5 min cool down... 
Mostly I love that there's music that I can run to... (cause.. you ever tried to run to Neil Young? yeah... no...) AND I love that the guy who's made these things, has put some thought into it... or maybe I've over thought the whole thing.... At the third run there's a song that comes on with the lyrics being something like "leave me alone, I don't want to call you" a great break up song... also it's what I'm saying to my body... Then, after the half-way mark.. this fantastic, empowering beat- like you've just defeated the evil... like you've just discovered truth... like... well, it just makes you feel good.

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T said...

yah! L.Bo finally got an iPod!