Friday, September 05, 2008

A drab

Is there a measurement unit that's comparable to a Drib or a Drab? I've always wondered.
Awhile back I saw an advertisment for a set of measuring spoons- a pinch, a titch, a smidgen... etc... I'd love to find them again.

I was thinking about what matters today.

and about what doesn't.

And I need to make some changes. Big ones. Why hold on to the things that drag you along? Why spend time with the things that just hold you back? Why dwell on the holdings of sadness and pain? 

I choose to do something new.
I choose to find joy.

that wasn't the drab I was going for.


kimmie said...

that's not drab at all

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh dear ... what is important to person A is not to person B and so on ... it's a deep personal decision! I always find most folks take things too seriously, especially theyselves!