Tuesday, September 30, 2008

home again!

that's right, I'm officially home... as of 8:30 this morning... but I um.. have to go to work now.

but I did compose several hundred blog posts in my head this week.
And forgot all of them.

so let me leave you with this.

Last night, I dreamt that I was part of a crew flying a space ship. We didn't bother to hide it from people around- just let them think it was some big joke. Joke was on them. except that we didn't go anywhere, we kept planning to go somewhere, we were about to go on some mission. at one point the sail that attached to us decided to leave and go over the lake without us, and we had to run and get it- but then when we were on the beach, the guy running our ship ran into this super famous physicist and we got his help putting the sail away. Then they physicist asked me a question... but somehow knew my name? I guess I was really famous. in physics circles.
It was a fluke I knew the answer to his question.
So then we decided to stop for tea at this woman's house- she helped invent the ship at some point. And then I went on a mission to get supplies- but then no one wanted the stuff I'd picked up- items would drop out of the clouds - like a video game we had to run into them to get them... I picked lots of juice boxes. And doughnuts.
Then when we decided that we were actually going to go somewhere... we all had to hold down the trinkets that were sitting on the shelves in the den... inside our ship.
One of them was a carving of Farley.

Farley showed up on my "friends you might know" list on face book over a week ago. (this is real life now.. not my dream) I want to add him. Even though I've never met him face to face... I figure I've read all his books- so really we are friends....

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