Thursday, November 20, 2008


it's amazing how a little light can change everything.
I'm not talking in metaphors here... though, feel free to use it if you must.
(idea thieves)

Old roomie has moved out... she'll now be called... um... Doula... cause that makes sense... and current roomie shall inherit the name "roomie". Clear? good.

Roomie bought two lamps awhile back at the Blue Box (Beyond the Blue Box is the best store ever- a second hand shop that rivals all others).  She had a vision... spray paint them, give them new shades... give them new life.... 
I have no vision. 
I see two old lamps, and write it off as crazy talk.

Our house has a very harsh front sitting room. It's tiny, the ceiling high, the furniture is ugly (I really need to find slip covers or something!), and the window is just feet from the street. 
Roomie has transformed the room!
with just one little light standing in the corner, the room is a place where you WANT to sit now... a welcome addition to the cozy basement corner. 

Our home is growing up!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Well ... NOW you have vision!

Anonymous said...

hum... light is very important to our lives! I love to collect and design all kinds of lights which are so fantastic.