Monday, November 10, 2008

long time no see.

Dear Blog.
I'm sorry I've neglected you.
The calendar says that I should have 308 posts written by today....
(or so my other new year's resolution says...)

Saturday night I was blessed with a ticket for a concert from an old friend... we went to see someone who has influenced me (musically) more than any other single person has. I'm lucky in that I get to see him perform at least once every two years- and I realised on my way there... that I've been listening to him for more than half my life- and still LOVE his work.

His song writing is simple. His delivery is honest. He's not cocky, he's not out singing to prove a point- not even to himself. He doesn't stick to the same trends, he doesn't get gimmicky with his music or style. He's humble. And he's kind. And... theologically sound! This was the first time I've seen him with a full band, and he spent so much time building up the people playing with them, encouraging them and mentioning what they've been working on...
Plus.. his voice is awesome. Not in that "oh wow, that's totally awesome" type awesome, but in that "his voice brings me to awe".

I also realized at the concert that I'm a big thief.

I have never once come up with an original harmony line.... everything I've ever learned has been from singing along to his work.


I've had people say to me "hmmm, that is such a great harmony line... I never would have heard that in that piece, where did you get your training? did you grow up in the *insert obscure musical tradition here*?"
I've never had an answer to that. But singing along at the concert it hit me. The lilts, the funny crossovers from tenor to alto to tenor to soprano and back again... all his fault. (um... Melinda, Tony, thank you for putting up with me all those years- you know what I mean).

I wanted to thank him.
But I chickened out.
So I just shook his hand like I do every year.
And smiled really big.

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