Wednesday, November 02, 2005

between the covers

how many of us wait till the very last second of a show before we turn off the TV and settle for the night? what about songs on the radio- while you're in your car? I ALWAYS wait till the song is done... trying desperately to time the stopping of my engine to the last note of a song- so I won't hear the next two notes and be bound to the vehicle...
I don't let myself listen to ANY dance music anymore.. it's far too easy for the DJ to morph two songs into eachother.. thereby TRAPPING me in my vehicle for song after song (ok, generally it's two songs tops before I break down and get out.)
The problem (of late) is the van at work... the music keeps playing until someone in the front opens their door- even after the engine has stopped. This has led to me inadvertently hearing the next notes of the next song... (because I've forgotten this phenom) and subsequently staying in the van till it too has finished... BUT it also means that sometimes someone will OPEN THE DOOR while I'm still listening to a song... which means that I then have to restart the van to finish the song!!!! UG.. what trauma...
I am OCD... this confirms it.
Last night was something new.
Last night I was listening to CBC- I got off work a little early (10:40 in fact!) when I hopped into my little car, I was met by the opening lines of a story.... yes, that's right, I arrived in my vehicle just as "between the covers" was starting. It's a 3-4 min drive from work to home... But it was such a great story.. that I drove around the block twice, then pulled up beside the tannery and listened to the rest of the story.

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