Wednesday, November 02, 2005

a parent's pride

I have a drum.
Scratch that, I have MANY drums... I like them.. I bring them home with me... I don't know why... I'm afraid to play them.. the sound is so intimidating!
But really, I have just one drum (that matters)... my D'jembe. His name is Sheabu. (Don't ask)
Yesterday, with hesitation... I handed my bu-bu to another (again.. don't ask). And while I know he's in good hands... it was hard.
The other day I was talking about my "baby" to someone... and someone else was sort of listening in to the conversation... not really participating in the conversation... but hanging on to the fringe. Suddenly! He turns to me and exclaims "YOU HAD A BABY?"
I laughed.
And said yes.


T said...

you're bu-bu is in good hands...when are you picking him up?


lstew said...

ah ha baby bu bu!