Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dum.Bo Marie

ok.. last night- it was lovely all over... really.
I went to the O with SarahDoula and Mandamanda, we dined, we enjoyed.
BUT the best part was when we drove up and I heard sweet Suzie Vinnick's voice floating past... yes, that's right... it was Wednesday, the night of good music at the Oasis.
the not-so-best-part was that I had forgotten to check who was playing! Of course, we couldn't get a seat in the bar and despite sweet smiles from three lovely ladies... the door guy wouldn't let us in. We were banished to the back room, to a table by a drafty window beneath a speaker that was on a one hour loop of music, served by a woman who was obviously too busy enjoying the music up front to care what we wanted to order. *sigh*
All was not lost, after we ate, the girls were kind enough to stand with me in the doorway long enough to (slightly) satisfy my ears.
Today I was out at the plaza across the way (the one which houses NoFrill and various other stores) I was just walking along, minding my own business... when who should walk past???? SUZIE!
So... what do I do???NOTHING!!! Because I'm pretty much a dork.
I love Suzie's music... She's pretty much super cool.
I admire her.. and you should buy her CDs.

ok... ok... I didn't really do "nothing" I.. um.... might have decided that I really REALLY needed to buy some Gala apples....
you know, and maybe... um... by chance... um.... run into her? And.... um... tell her how super cool she is? And how I love her music, and how I pretty much figure she's my female-music-hero.
But then! I was intercepted by this elderly lady who toddled into my path and stood between me and Suzie in the line-up.. and then I couldn't catch her eye to start a conversation with her....
and then....
there's no "and then"

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