Tuesday, November 22, 2005

when are we walkin the line?

dear friends... I'm justa wondering... when are we going to go see the Cash movie?
What does Friday look like for you folks? I'm a thinking dinner... and dress up. (in black of course)

or thursday night....


T said...

i'm thinking I wanna see Rent instead

L.Bo Marie said...

AND narnia right????

~~~~do dod odododododo~~~~~~
"we inturrupt this program to bring you this important news announcement...
...this just in, everyone should quit their jobs so that we can all just hang out and watch movies and laugh at eachother."

manda said...

i'm thinking friday should be marathon day... matinee, early and late show... then we can get all three in... who up for AMC sneeking into extra movies?? huh huh huh?

L.Bo Marie said...

is Narnia out yet?