Thursday, November 24, 2005

winter = workout

last night there was some dancing in the snow going on... by the time I got home, I really really wanted to go for a nice long walk.. the snow was sparkling and it was so quiet. But it was late, sooooo... I just curled up on my cozey bed, with my bass and played (poorly) till my eyes started to close.
This morning the snow was still sparkling... and the sun was shining, and the wind died down... all was right with the world.
I'd only forgotten this:: ice is slippery.
I got a gooooood workout this morning.

I am now going to watch episode after episode of Alias season 4...
can I call in sick tonight?


Anonymous said...

o i see, you don't want comments from 'techno peasants' -- and you are forcing your regime on the rest of us. "Blog away" you say, and so i concur, in submission to your will.
i am going to walk the line tonight. Want to join us?

L.Bo Marie said...

to bethfield.