Friday, November 11, 2005

Deck the Hall

Did I tell you it SNOWED yesterday????
What the heck.

I've been pretty good this year, I've been putting off decorating the house... I figured I had to at least wait till after today... sooo, I made it to lunch time... then I pulled out the boxes of decorations.

However... Christmas decorations may not go up until I've had my "Christmas in the tub".
And, well... it seems that we may have a delay.

Les, what's Christmas in the tub?

dear friends.... it's exactly what it sounds like... me. in the tub. many bubbles. singing Christmassy tunes.

you're not serious?

yes... yes I am. It's generally me and the Nylons hanging out, singin... croonin... livin it up. Then there's a little bit of Ella and Co singing "baby it's cold outside". Then and only then can the uletide decorations festivate the house.

I don't think "festivate" is a word.

it is now. But here is where the problem lies::: I can't find my copy of The Nylons "harmony the Christmas Songs". I found the cassette case... no cassette... no CD, no CD case.... this my friends is quite serious. Tomorrow is a day of shopping with the girls as we search the T dot O dot for bridesmaid dresses.... perhaps we will be needing to make a stop at Sam's.

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