Thursday, November 03, 2005


Until I got about a block away there didn't seem to be anything unusual. It was pretty windy, so there were lots of leaves falling, blowing, swirling. Standing at the lights, a gust hit one pile of leaves and lifted them, sent them North, then gracefully turned and dropped them right where they'd come from. Like something from a movie. A miniaturized set for a tornado.
The last block before the beach I could hear it.
One long train.
Moving steadily.
But it wasn't ending... as I got to the beach I realized it was the lake, roaring.
I sat for about 5 mins just watching the waves run over eachother...
Out on the pier, the waves would hit and be thrown up in the air... there were some cars out at the end, and the spray reached two or three times their height.
After awhile the sound was too much... I knew it was the lake, but my ears still recognized it as a train... and it should have been ending.
What a gorgeous day.

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