Friday, November 25, 2005

shadow puppets

ok.. is anyone else noticing that sometimes my page won't load properly? I don't know if this is a new phenomena or what... OR if it has something to do with the video link... but.. whatever. Just scroll down then back, the page usually refreshes itself.

SO. Tonight I was good.
Well. Mostly good.
well, pretty much really good.
With one GLARING upset...
After an evening of adventure, nachos, the Bean and general camaraderie, we journeyed to the theatre to see... you guessed it, "Walk the Line". Yes, I've been excited to go see it for quite a bit now, so you can imagine my dismay (and the dismay of those with me) when the bulb burnt out after 40 mins in the projector at the theatre.
Yes, that's right.. it burnt out. Leaving us and Jonny and June in the dark....

Thank you Dan and Manda for the shadow puppet show.
I enjoyed that.


T said...'re blog loads funny...and WHAT?!?! The bulb burnt out? Did you get to see the rest of the movie?

Just a face said...

Well he is "The man in black" so it does some how seem fitting.
Never had a problem loading your sight just leaving a comment or two. That is not the fault of the sight though just the commenter.

Anonymous said...